A Design-Driven Workshop

Online Workshop

Leaders by Design for Educators

06 – 08 April 2021

The goal of this workshop is to create an environment in which you will systematically tap into your inner reserves of knowledge and wisdom to:

  1. craft potential solutions to the challenges you encounter in your professional lives, and
  2. create a legacy framework that future educators can draw on for guidance.

What does the workshop look like?


    On this first day, we will create an atmosphere of inspiration by discussion your motivations for the wishing to make a change in the lives of your students and by examining the challenges you face in doing so.

  • Day Two: IDEATION

    On this second day, we will build on the insights we gleaned earlier to systematically explore ideas for creative solutions to the challenges.


    On this last day, we will transform potential ideas into practical solutions.

Dr. Usha Sivaranjani Sista
Founder, by.Design

How will you feel during this journey?

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